MILANOVENTUNO accepts the following forms of payment:


It’s possible to make purchases using Visa, Mastercard and American Express. Upon purchase, the customer will enter their information into the panel. All transactions are processed through a secure server, ensuring customers the maximum protection of data in accordance with international safety standards. On the credit card bill you will find something like: "ALW*milanovento442033188334", "JANVIER", "MILANOVENTUNO". If there are sufficient funds to purchase and bank details provided are valid, the transaction will be processed instantly.


If you choose to pay by bank transfer at the time of confirmation of the order, the customer receives a confirmation email containing the bank details of MILANOVENTUNO, following which the merchandise is set aside awaiting the arrival of the payment on the bank account. MILANOVENTUNO proceed with the shipment of the order only after receiving the wire transfer to its bank account.


By choosing the payment method PAYPAL Customers can pay directly through your Paypal account. MILANOVENTUNO reserves the right to ship the goods only to the address indicated on the account verified by PayPal.


By choosing the method of payment on delivery, the Customer may pay for the product right at the time of delivery by the courier authorized by MILANOVENTUNO. For payment on delivery is required an additional contribution of € 8.00 in respect of costs. Payment on delivery is allowed only in Italy for amount under €300.00. Please note also that in the case of first purchase, MILANOVENTUNO can ask to the bank or Paypal to verify the transaction, including contacting the counterparty's bank. This verification may cause some delay in shipping your order. MILANOVENTUNO also reserves the right to ask to new customers to ship the goods to the billing address provided.